Fat Freezer Cordless

Fat Freezing Cryolipolysis System For Men and Women

* Fat Freezing…Why should celebrities be the only ones to enjoy it?*

The Fat Freezer CryoShape System has taken 5 clinical technologies and made them available for home use at a fraction of the price.  And now we have made it better, smarter and faster by going Cordless!  Would you like to freeze fat from your belly, back, waist, arms, inner thighs and buttocks, giving you a natural and sculpted shape as you’ve always wanted?

Main Advantages: 

  • The Cordless Fat Freezer Cryo Shape can be used just about anywhere.  Around, the house, in the kitchen, watching TV, relaxing outside, in the car, at the gym.
  • The Fat Freezer Cryo Shape uses advanced Cryolipolysis technology to freeze away stubborn fat in the comfort of your own home, all while cordless. 
  • The Fat Freezer Cryo Shape uses our proprietary Theralight Therapy, which actively targets fat cells.  Studies reveal that when the sun’s blue light penetrates the skin and reaches the underlying fat cells, the fat shrinks and is released naturally.
  • The digital smart display and automatic timer means keeping track of your session just got that much easier! Automatic 15 and 30 minute timed sessions make the Fat Freezer CryoShape simple and smart!
  • The Automatic ventilation doors make sure there is optimal air flow through the cooling system.They automatically open when you start and close all on their own when your session is done.




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