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Cordless Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Restore sore, stiff muscles using the Cordless Deep Tissue Massager Gun. It provides a therapeutic massage that targets muscles in the arms, legs, hands, back and more. Choose from three speeds: low, medium and high. Ideal for athletes and those recovering from injuries. Includes three interchangeable massage heads for a tailored experience.  

Get fast relief from achy muscles using the Cordless Deep Tissue Massager Gun. 

 • Provides a therapeutic deep tissue massage 

 • Reduces sore muscles, stiffness and speeds up recovery time 

 • Targets sore muscles in the back, legs, hands, glutes, chest and more 

 • Includes 3 interchangeable massage heads: ball, flat and rigid


- 3 speed intensities

-  Low: 46 Hz 

 - Medium: 56 Hz 

 - High: 65 Hz  

 - Includes a holding stand 

 - Operates on a 7.4V rechargeable battery 

 - Battery life: up to 90 minutes 

 - Charging time: 120 minutes 

 - Charger plugs into an AC outlet


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