Chin Fit Elite

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Infrared Technology - Chin Fit is an electric Face Shaping Massager which uses intelligent face-lifting photon skin firming technology to help reduce double chins and improve skin quality. Through a combination of both red and blue infra lights, the Chin Fit is able to bring home the same technology relied on by doctors. Introduce your skin to microsonic vibration physical therapeutic hot compressors and you could see almost immediate results.

How to use the Chin Fit Conductive Gel adhesive Pad

• Please remove the plastic cover from the gel pad ( DO NOT DISCARD PLASTIC COVER)

• Place each conductive Gel Adhesive pad on the metal ( silver round piece on the Strap)

• Place the conductive Gel pad on your desired targeted facial area.

• Once you have completed your session, remove the Gel pad from your face ( wipe clean with a damp cloth) and replace the plastic cover over the Gel Pad to preserve the moisture and freshness.

- You may use the Conductive pad repeatedly until it is completely dry.

Re-order the Conductive Gel pads once they have dried out.