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The Doctor Pillow Adjust-A-Sleep Body Pillow is 100% adjustable with a
medium-firm memory foam and microfiber blend that you can fully adjust.
Take the fill out for a softer feel or put more in for a firm ultra support
The Outer Cover is machine Washable and breathes for all night comfort
The Inner liner keeps the fill from moving and keeps the loft consistent.
The Doctor Pillow special Blend of memory foam and microfiber ensures a
comfortable and supportive feel.
20 inches x 58 inches of full body support
Perfect for side sleepers, and as a pregnancy pillow specifically designed to
alleviate aches & pains, helping you to sleep on your side, position it to
support your back, preventing sciatica and lower back pain. It can also tuck
between your knees to eliminate soreness and help with temperature
Get total support for your head, your neck, shoulders, belly, hips, knees,
feet and back all night, alleviating body aches and swelling of the legs,
relieve stress and improving sleep.