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• The Doctor Pillow Selfie Cushion is the multi-functional Pillow Cushion to surf all your favorite social media in perfect comfort!
• Now you can overcome unsupported lying down and sitting in uncomfortable positions that creates strains on shoulders and pressure on elbows.
• Perfect for lying on your stomach, prop up your legs, sit upright all with perfect comfortable posture and easily watch your phone, tablet, TV or reading your favorite book.
• Unique Head cushion is perfect for supporting your head or neck or unzip and it fits into the channel for extra support while on your stomach or back.
• Perfectly conforming to your body, the curve and contours follow the shape of your body providing you with a perfect and relaxing fit with edgeless comfort. It helps correct your body posture and restores the natural shape of your body.
• Multi-Curve design for spinal protection, helps relieve chest pressure with the specially designed support channel.
• Cool-Aire fabric keeps your from overheating with Super Soft Memory Foam and Air Cell