Evertone™ Home Fitness Hula-Hoop

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The Evertone™ Home Fitness Hula-Hoop is suitable for all people at all ages. There no actual levels to it simple start exercising regardless of being a beginners or experts. With this Hula-Hoop, you will never fall. This item is really easy to use an suitable for waist with 24 to 51 inches of circumference. The traditional hoops brings a lot of problems such as falling while learning how to used. That is not the case with the Evertone™ Home Fitness Hula-Hoop. We recommend using the Evertone™ Home Fitness Hula-Hoop for about 30 minutes a day for better effectiveness.
  • It includes the a hard-core, and smart display, timer, calories and more.
  • It provides massage with the soft rubber massage head while rotating. It will deeply massage your muscles while exercising to help you burn fat quickly. 
  • It will reduce backache, fatigue, and will straighten back bone.
  • It can be divided into segments where you can adjust it to you waist. The device can be easily assemble and disassemble for your convenience.