Evertone™ Prosage 3-Speed Pro Massage Gun

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Get ready to take vibration deep tissue - trigger point massage to a whole new level. Adding vibration percussive deep tissue massage with the Prosage Massage Gun to your workouts can reduce joint pain, muscle pain, increase circulation, break up knots, release trigger points, and improve recovery. 

  • Helps relieve muscle soreness and stiffness/ Improves range of motion/ Promotes circulation/ Accelerates warm up and recovery
  • Powerful high-torque motor featuring New Noise Reduction technology
  • Cordless and Lightweight, easy-to-use for self-myofascial release
  • Prosage offers three customized massager heads, provides a relaxing massage experience and reduces bone damage. The handheld designed and 3 tips attachments allow you to reach every muscle
  • Choose different speed based on your muscle group and your own preferences. Up to 3200 percussions per minute with 3 Speed Setting provides deep muscle relief, and overall recovery, decreasing pain and increasing range of motion

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