Evertone™ Prosage Thermo Massage Gun

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  • THE WORLD'S FIRST MASSAGE GUN with Hot , Cold and thera light. Prosage thermo features warm-up technology that mixes theralight with a hot massage head to warm up muscles and cold massage head for optimal pain relief.
  • The Prosage Thermo massage gun brings you deep muscle release by combining percussion and Theralite heating to release tension and pain, activate muscles , and improve recovery.
  • Delivers professional grade massage that athletes and trainer use. Helps relieve stiff, sore muscles and lactic acid buildup
  • Deep tissue massage. Features a powerful motor for deep tissue muscle recovery. The 3 speed intensity with interchangeable heads make it the best go to for pre and post workout.
  • Includes prosage thermo unit,charger, standing base, heat therapy head, accupressure head, accupressure finger head, deep massage ball head and cold gel head.