• Evertone TheraCopper Massage Gun
  • Evertone TheraCopper Massage Gun

Evertone TheraCopper Massage Gun

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TheraCopper Massage gun. Advanced Percussion Massage with Warm Up& Cold Therapy for deep Muscle Relief of Stiff and Sore Muscles. Get a professional level massage in the comforts of your home. The TheraCopper™ Massage Gun brings you deep muscle release like never before thanks to a powerful motor and five different Professional massage heads. The Multiple Massage heads allow you to target your muscles and get you back to work, back on the court and back to enjoying your life. With 4 Different Power levels, you choose the strength of massage that you like. You have complete control of the Advanced Piston like technology which delivers an impressive (3200) 32 hundred deep impact percussion pulses. And with a stall force of 55 pounds you get intense massage therapy for unmatched soreness relief. The TheraCopper™ Massage Gun is compact and cordless. Small enough to fit in your pocket Making it ideal for travel yet while still strong enough to give you unmatched Muscle Recovery and Relief anywhere. It’s so unique and innovative it’s patented! The TheraCopper™ Massage Gun is great for working all areas of the muscle groups! — Pre-workout warm up to get the muscles warm and ready for action — Loosen up tight, tense muscles before and after your workout, release knots, relax trigger points and helps ease stiffness and strains — Also including massage heads ideal for working around your spine and for targeted cooling on your aches and pains to help reduce inflammation so you recover faster.