HomeMax Electric Mosquito Killer

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Kill Flies, Mosquitoes, Moths and Flying Insects

Tired of flying insects flying around your living spaces or mosquitos disturbing your sleep? This Homemax Electric Mosquito Killer fly trap lamp is specifically designed to keep the living space  free of pests, such as files, mosquitoes, moth and other small insects. The Mosquito Killer lamp utilizes UV light to attract pests to the lamp. Because of the irresistible light the flying insects are then suctioned by fan with a powerful downward air stream to a container located at the bottom, while adding a modern look to your home. 

How to use

Put the Homemax Electric Mosquito Killer lamp into your room in advance, place it on a table or chair at a distance from the ground. Close the windows and doors, turn off other lights in your room and leave the light on for night. The mosquito killer is easy to clean - Just remove the insect trap box, with a simple twist.

This lamp is portable and does not need to be installed. Easy to maintain by opening and cleaning the container located at the bottom.