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The small manual screwdriver precision screwdriver set can be used to repair  electronics, laptop, phone, PC, watch, tablet, glasses, camera, toy, model, and more. Ergonomic Design: This magnetic mini screwdriver multi-tool set boasts a 360°  rotating cap, magnetic tips for bit stability, and an aluminum handle that is both  durable anpd corrosion-resistant, enhancing the use of precision screwdriver bits,  relieves hand fatigue during prolonged use. Magnetic Design: Double-ended steel bits offer longer life and better corrosion  resistance. The bits, screwdriver head, and storage box are all powered by magnets.  Even if the box falls, the internal bits will not fall off, thanks to the strong  magnetism. Magnetic Organizer: The small screwdriver set with case encasement has a built-in  ejection button, which pops out the inner contents with a gentle press. It features a  strong magnetic holder in its pocket-sized design, ensuring all bits, including the  colored extended driver bits, remain secure, preventing loss or spillage if the case  is tilted or dropped. Easy to Carry:  You can easily put it in your pocket, tool bag, backpack.