Rejuva-Rest Pillow

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Sleep In Luxury

The Rejuva-Rest Pillow provides perfect spinal alignment and support to help you fall soundly to sleep as soon as possible. You can even customize your pillows for all sleeping preferences! The adjustable inner foam provides a thick and plump feel, but you can instantly and easily remove this to create a thinner, lower-profile pillow with a softer feel. After just one night, you'll realise why these are the worlds most comfortable pillows.

Features & Benefits:

Thermal Temperature Regulation: The luxurious TENCEL fabric technology keeps you cooler by reacting and regulating to your body temperature, whilst breathable, soft fibers dissipate the heat and generate airflow activity, providing instant cooling for a deeper, well-rested sleep.

100% Adjustable Height and Firmness: Remove the customizable inner filling to tailor the pillow to your individual height and firmness, making it perfect for all sleep positions and styles.

Hypoallergenic and Air Flow Active: Combining breathable memory foam nano cubes, a soft Tencel and cotton cover, as well as our hybrid mesh ribbon, the Rejua-Rest pillow, has been designed to release hot, stagnant air, increase airflow activity and generate 360-degree circulation in and around your head, neck and shoulders. Breathe easy and sleep well.