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The Cooling, Soothing Gel Compression Headache Wrap
• Soft, Comfortable, and Form Fitting
• Designed for Cold and Hot Relief
• 360 Degree Compression for All-Around Comfort
• Ices, cools and soothes
• Soothing relief for headaches and migraines
• Evenly releases a cool relaxing and soothing ice sensation
• Stretchable fabric to fit most head sizes
• 100% blackout design
• Relief from Puffy eyes, Headaches, Migraines, Sinus pain, Tension and Stress, insomnia, Fever, and inflammation.
• Freezes fast and stays cold for longer

Relaxor Thera-Freeze is the innovative gel pull-over hat that provides wrap-around cold therapy to help soothe the stress of headaches and migraines and help you recover faster. Cold therapy is an easy and effective way to lessen the impact of migraines and headaches and better manage your symptoms. The 360-degree cold therapy gel technology provides evenly-released cool ice sensations throughout the entire hat, providing targeted relief and soothing away discomfort, making you feel better and more relaxed.