Remedy Health's Copper Slimming Belt

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An adjustable slimming belt that accelerates the thermoregulation process of the body and increases fat burning process in the abdomen area. Due to an increase in body temperature around the abdomen, the body eliminates more water in the belly region, which results in abdominal volume reduction.

The belt not only helps reduces belly volume but also improves posture and provides support for the back when exercising and in every day tasks. Infused with long lasting copper ions, the Remedy Health Copper Slimming Belt is flexible & durable. The benefits of the neoprene fabric assists with waist trimming, diminishing stretch marks, improving skin elasticity, accelerating muscle recovery, stimulating blood circulation and providing adjustable compression for a slimmer figure.

With thermal technology to increase your body temperature & sweat levels up to 5x more during workouts, the Remedy Health Copper Slimming Belt provides women of any size with the ultimate waist slimmer for weight loss. The band is naturally flexible and adjusts to your stomach shape. Plus, we added moisture-wicking properties.