Spinal Right Ribbed Pillow

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The Spinal Right Ribbed Pillow is an innovative new design specifically for back and side sleepers. The moment your head hits the pillow, the responsive memory foam cushions your neck to align perfectly with your spine. This removes neck tension or pain, allowing you to finally enter those deep states of sleep. 

The outer ribbed cell construction then creates 360° airflow for ultimate breathability, regulates your body temperature, and transforms your sleep so you wake up refreshed. 


Features & Benefits:

Enter Deep States Of Sleep: The responsive memory foam cushions your neck to perfect spinal alignment and reduces uncomfortable strain causing restless sleep. 

Regulate Body Temperature: The unique outer ribbed cell construction creates 360° air flow to prevent overheating.

Soft Cotton Cover: Soothe your skin with 100% cotton made with a soft, luscious weave.