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Shake, energize & tone your entire body for only 10 minutes a day for a toned, fit & sexy new you! Vibrotone™ is a whole body exercise vibration fitness platform with multidirectional vibration technology that sculpt, transform, & redefine you body from head to toe!

Vibrotones™ 3 Training channels simulate Walking, Jogging, and Running. Combine the vibration exercise with sit-ups, push-ups, yoga, stretching and more for optimal workouts.

Vibrotone™ includes unique customization with 3 different levels of resistance bands. Choose from 25 lbs, 30 lbs, or 36 lbs of resistance training. Also includes hip bands for extra training capabilities.

Vibrotone™ is stable and easy to move with its rubber sucker cups that prevent movement while you workout. Vibrotone™ also supports up to 350 lbs., improves circulation, reduces aches & pains, boosts metabolism, increases core strength and reduces stress. The Bluetooth and USB integration allows you to listen to your favorite songs while you workout, includes a large LCD screen and remote control.

Easily store you Vibrotone™ under the bed or the couch.