WINJOY Insta Dry™

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UV Gel LED Nail Sensor Lamp -  Dry Nails 3x as fast!

The Insta Dry™ is a professional Gel polish light curing lamp for salon and home use. It comes equipped with:

  • Large LCD screen with easy to use one touch settings with 4 timers
  • A smart sensor & digital time Display
  • Automatically starts once you put your hands in, and turns off when you take your hands out
  • Is suitable for all types of gel polish
  • Detachable design that makes it easy to use for fingers and toes
  • Includes temperature protection for your nails
168W High Power 42pcs Durable light Beads] Rated at 168 watt maxium power, Winjoy nail dryer lamp out-powers most of the LED or UV nail lamps on the market. The narrow spectral band and high light intensity activates photo initiators in the gel and cures the nail incredibly fast. Making it a lot easier to cure for those prefer hard gels or apply multiple layers of thick polish gel. With 42pcs UV/LED lamp beads full cover, Twice faster than other 80W gel lamp.